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If you reserve early you have a chance to win a free snow-removal contract!

The Techni-Snow Team is proud to offer its clients the possibility to win 1 of 5 free residential snow removal contracts.  If you renew your contract before October 15, you will receive a discount on the regular (standard size driveways only) service price. You may also win a free snow removal service for the season.






This contest applies only to residential snow removal service.

To participate, please send us a signed copy of the contract together with the postdated cheque(s) no later than 12 p.m. on October 15th.

The prize value is equal to the amount of standard snow removal service (i.e. plus taxes).

Names will be drawn at random. Winners will have to answer a simple question. Eligibility conditions: To participate, please renew your snow removal contract or explain in writing, in 50 words or less, why you would like to win. Deadline: 12 p.m. on October 15th, (residential contracts only).